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July 11, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Todd Klein on Wonder Woman #47. Dan Brown on Coyote Doggirl. Mom on A Bubble. Tom Murphy on Shit Is Real.

* Sarah Horrocks is doing this week's TCJ Diary.

* I'm glad to hear that Matt Furie and his lawyers are continuing their pressure on the re-appropriation and unfair use of his Pepe the Frog character. This isn't difficult stuff to figure out. Make your own stuff, unless you're working within the easy-to-understand exceptions, none of which are "I feel entitled to use this thing someone else made." That is a shitty thing that was done to Matt, and continues to be done, and I hope every victory is sweet in this thing that was dumped in his lamp and not sought out by him.

* Zack Smith talks to Jerome Ruillier. B. David Zarley talks to Nick Drnaso. Alex Dueben talks to Rob Guillory.

* I enjoyed Mike Dean's lengthy obituary of Steve Ditko and its focus on some of the clashes that the artist enjoyed with various publishers over the years, including Dean's.

* finally: Scratches 2 is available again.
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