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July 14, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the writer Mark Millar has passed along word of the passing of pioneer Glasgow Direct Market retailer Neil Craig. Our condolences to his friends and family, true and extended.

* Evan Dorkin ended up on the other side of his con season doing a little less well than he would have liked; I hope people will pay attention to any eBay sales he and Sarah Dyer host for the next few weeks. I saw a bunch of Dorkin original at HeroesCon and they were really gorgeous.

image* David Brothers on Fort Of Apocalypse. Richard Bruton on Rhizome Vol. 2. The Page 45 crew reviews a bunch of different comics. Michael Cavna on Palooka-Ville #21. Abhay Khosla on Beautiful Darkness. Bart Croonenborghs on Forming.

* Hannah Means-Shannon talks to Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare. Joe Gordon talks to Scott Lobdell. Wim Lockefeer profiles Soufeina Hamed. Paul Gravett talks to Reinhard Kleist. Jonah Weiland talks to Scott McCloud.

* missed this: congratulations to Nick McWhorter being named Vice President of Media Licensing at Dark Horse. That's a significant part of a slew of publishers' overall profile now, including Dark Horse.

* Paul Levitz launches his occasional column and hobby business news and reviews clearinghouse with a meditation on the values of taking some time away and taking a step back and listening. It's amusing that he skipped 1991, just as Image launched.

* I had no idea that the cartoonist Ed Koren is a longtime volunteer fireman.

* let me just come right out and say I'm a huge fan of Stan Lee's 1960s look, with the beard and the brown hair, where he looked like a guest star on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

* finally, I rarely do this, but I wanted to note that today is also the cartoonist Leslie Stein's birthday. There's no birth year for Stein anywhere on the Internet I can find, which means the person has usually opted out of sharing this information. That's great, but it means I can't put up a birthday wish of the kind I try to do every morning. I want people to have happy birthdays no matter how old they are, but I consider that feature one about history and the age of cartoonists, and where they are in their professional and personal lives rather than a vehicle for me to interact with them. The thing is, I was looking forward to putting up a link because I really enjoy Stein's work and I hope more people will read it. Her site is just stuffed with comics right now, and there's nothing out there quite like them.

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