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July 15, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* a bunch of you sent in this lovely cheap-eats style eating guide via e-mail, so my apologies to the site that had it first (that's usually how that happens, anyway). Just to know there's an option across the street from the super-packed Richard Walker's Pancake House is worth noting. I have to imagine that burger place will be freaking killed traffic-wise with that kind of food and that location; I bet The Mission does a little better because of Comic-Con folks' unwillingness to walk too far east.

image* Rachel Edidin on Hawkeye #11. Jody Arlington on A Matter Of Life. Ng Suat Tong on Utsubora. Sean T. Collins on Chloe.

* Robin McConnell talks to Steven T. Seagle. Graeme McMillan profiles Kilian Eng.

* the longtime space for the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library is now closed in anticipation of their big grand opening this Fall at a glorious new space. Goodbye, slightly claustrophobic and hard to find space.

* comics blogger prime Mike Sterling talks about a weird shipping/storage thing that happened to one of his shop's comics and suggests that the Superman titles are rallying slightly after a mostly dismal New 52 start. The Superman titles I read that weren't by Grant Morrison in this new run of DC Comics, they were really, really forgettable and kind of tough to read. I did read the Snyder/Lee and it was easy to read and passed the time just fine. I think those guys are solid pros. Individual comics still tend to work in short bursts for DC; it's their ongoings that have been a problem. That's just not a very deep character or talent pool.

* Brian Michael Bendis writes about Orson Scott Card.

* not comics: occasionally comics-maker Matt Maxwell has a free prose ebook for you.

* Bruce Canwell revisits some 15-year-old footage featuring comics coverage.

* eighty percent of the characters look pretty good this way.

* not comics: people complain when I link to Abhay Khosla anything, but I liked the way this short piece on the Pacific Rim film veered into the "nerd cause" idea and never really rolls back out on the highway again. I also find that kind of thing bizarrely compelling. For what it's worth, I once saw a Penelope Ann Miller the weekend it opened, the one about the wine bottle with the guy from Diner.

* here is what looks like the first part of a Jared Gardner survey of Franco-Belgian comics in North America. That should be good.

* that's a great-looking cover.

* finally, here's the Fantagraphics signing schedule for Comic-Con. I assume there are a bunch of signing schedules up on the company sites of your favorite publishers. Robert Williams is going to make it down, which is nice. I think it's interesting that while the show goes until 5 PM, the signings top much earlier than that -- it really is a short day for a lot of exhibitors, and I don't think that's ever going to change after such a long weekend.
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