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July 16, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* and then there was that time that Jim Davis drew Chip Zdarsky.

image* Christian Hoffer talks to Josh O'Neill. Brandon Ambrosino talks to Gene Luen Yang.

* love for Mr. X.

* not comics: congratulations to Charles Vess on this World Fantasy Award nomination.

* Richard Sala reminds us via advertisement and covers of his Evil Eye series, which as very good late-period alternative comic book that never quite had the audience it deserved.

* I can't find the original post from Sean Howe, who uncovered these photos of an early 1970s comics art show in New York City, but wow. Also, apparently people in Brooklyn always had those beards.

* finally, here's a best of 2014 so far in graphic novels list from a writer named Natalie Brandweiner. That list has a bunch of books on it with which I'm only barely familiar; that is a fine function for such a list.
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