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July 28, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* what if they started cancelling comics in the newspaper and almost nobody complained? It might be a sign that most devoted readers have migrated on-line, but it also might be general dissatisfaction with and apathy for newspapers. Or maybe everyone hates Peanuts now. If you've ever worked in a newspaper and experienced something like 50 letters hitting the office when something like Apartment 3-G is replaced, the thought that no one cares about these major strips anymore, at least in this one market, will feel like an even bigger sign that the newspaper industry has been vastly deflated.

image* I love that Steve Bell is getting an honorary degree, but not as much as I adore the cartoon the paper is using to illustrate the article. Look at that thing. I have to imagine if that was the first time you'd ever seen Steve Bell's work you'd think his work a gateway to madness.

* the artist Brent Anderson had 50+ pages of original art stolen from a car that was broken into during the recent Comic-Con International. If you're in a position to do so, keep an eye out for anyone trying to re-sell this material.

* it's not really comics, but related: I nearly missed this obituary for Lyonel Feininger's son. Another couple of not-exactly-comics items in my bookmarks folder are this site of redrawn children's drawings and a redesigned store for Josh Simmons.

* people always talk about getting a review from the New York Times, but when I was a much bigger consumer of prose it was the New York Review of Books that seemed the belle of that particular ball. Here's a review that includes the Ottaviani/Myrick biography of Richard Feynman.

* Robin McConnell would like to invite you to his book club.

* so I guess Marvel is doing another "send us our rival's comics and we'll send you a better comic" promotion? The fact that this is the kind of thing that's usually only funny once will do battle with the fact that a certain kind of mainstream comics fan gets hilariously apoplectic whenever a company does something semi-obnoxious like this.

* vintage hardcore gay sex fumetti.

* finally, here's another story I missed while on hiatus: Jeet Heer kicked off the new, Ben Schwartz-directed LA Review Of Books coverage with a piece on Ben Katchor's The Cardboard Valise.
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