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July 27, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* an appeals court has reinstated the case against the San Diego Union-Tribune filed by Steve Kelley, a case that was dismissed in 2009. It's fascinating reading.

image* Richard Sala's art right now is about as pretty as comics art gets.

* this site missed a bunch of interviews while on hiatus. Roger Langridge is always worth reading. Here's an interview with comics educator and cartoonist James Sturm that was conducted at the Munich Comics Festival. Robert Boyd sent along a link to this talk with Edie Fake. Interviews with the great Michael Kupperman are always welcome. So are talks with Alan Moore, especially one as focused on his current work as this chat about LOEG: 1969 remains. Dave McKean discusses his newest work at Suicide Girls. Jesse Reklaw popped up at TCJ a day or so ago.

* Michael DeForge previews some forthcoming anthology work.

* if this were anything close to the best news coming out of Comic-Con, I'd never go back. Plus I'm pretty sure each and every one of K. Thor Jensen's tweets about Comic-Con was more fun to read than any of these.

* Abhay Khosla kneecaps Grant Morrison's shockingly callous recent statement about the current Siegel/Shuster lawsuits, which Khosla rightly points out may have been more cynical than usual given Morrison just wrote a book about these comics and therefore probably shouldn't have the excuse of remaining totally ignorant of the two situations he contrasts.

* not comics: Paul Tobin establishes his geek cred.

* Dustin Harbin talks process.

* Frank Santoro talks the slow build.

* finally, Joe Sacco received a lot of love in this survey of cartoonists on cartoonists published in the Guardian earlier this month. There's no more exciting cartoonist project to project than Sacco right now.
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