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July 26, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* kudos to Marvel for an announcement made during this site's recent hiatus that they're goosing the offerings they provide new comics stores in hopes to get them as firmly established as possible during that tremulous first couple of years. Not only is Marvel the powerful publishing figure in such stores, they're not well-known for these kinds of supportive programs. Plus there's some karma at work: and it's Marvel's self-immolation in the 1990s that caused the biggest blow of the last 25 years in terms of region-to-region store coverage. So I'm for this. I'd like to see more. Heck, I'd love to see a program announced by several publishers in tandem. The more support there is, the wider the variety of comic store models that have a chance of catching on.

image* here's something potentially super-exciting that also happened during this site's downtime: The Center For Cartoon Studies received a quarter-million-plus dollar grant to jump start a set of programs designed to lock in assistance and support for post-graduates.

* Sean Witzke interviews Brandon Graham, a very talented and articulate and I believe still quite young creator. Included at the end are a bunch of reactions from Graham to creators' names tossed his way by Witzke.

* Nick Mullins goes there with his Power Girl joke.

* I believe this contains the Darryl Cunningham interview on the BBC that garnered him a bunch of attention a month or so ago, and this has an interview with artist Tony Fitzpatrick about comics.

* is criticism from a commission a setback if you decided not to acknowledge or invest in the criticism in any way, shape or form? This article asks that question as something called the Commission For The Promotion And Protection Of The Rights Of Cultural, Religious And Linguistic Communities criticized the cartoonist Zapiro for his long-time depiction of President Jacob Zuma as having a shower head permanently attached above his body. I'd blow it off if I were Zapiro as well, as the reasons given by the commission sound like my summer camp counselor trying to make everyone in the cabin friends again after a particularly heated verbal exchange on the four-square court. Also, as Zapiro points out, a committee with greater standing in terms of designating something like this out of bounds had earlier approved of its usage.

* finally, here's a larger-than-usual profile of the cartoonist Ed Koren, including a slideshow of tribute art from other celebrated Vermont cartoonists.
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