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July 25, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* it's weird to me that the discussion of a cartoon by a Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper staffer asking that people pay less attention to the News Of The World scandal seemed to quickly veer into whether the cartoon was tasteless or not. I don't know and I don't care if it's tasteless: the points that need to be made is that it's a shitty cartoon, that a story about massive corruption affecting major social institutions is very important even if you want to pretend that it's not, and that a Murdoch-owned paper and Murdoch-employed cartoonist would think they are in a position to make this kind of commentary is a more genteel display of the exact same kind of above-it arrogance that led to problems at News Of The World in the first place.

* while this site was on hiatus, IDW named its new Senior Editor: John Barber. Barber is a former Marvel editor linked to their Ultimate line and the Dark Tower adaptations. He penned the prose adaptation of the recent Transformers movie, one of the properties whose comics iteration will be a part of his duties at the San Diego-based publisher. IDW also announced Tom Waltz to a senior staff writer position and promoted Alonzo Simon to assistant editor.

* this site also missed that Rick Marshall left his MTV perch overlooking the funnybook industry; I'm sure I join many in wishing him the best of luck with what's next.

image* the critic and historian Jeet Heer write a short, survey-style article on the cultural importance of Captain America. Speaking of heavyweight writers-about-comics, Paul Gravett wrote in to direct your attention to this year's The Observer/Cape/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize.

* well-regarded comics editor and cartoonist Chris Duffy is displaying his weekly comic strip Wolf X. Wolf at Terence Donovan Gallery in Cold Spring, New York. The strip will premiere in the front window of the gallery. The on-line iteration can be found here, and is accessible to those seeing the gallery window display through a QR code.

* I had a blast catching up with this article from John Jackson Miller on comics numbering, the various strategies employed and where they came from.

* Rich Johnston was smart enough to pull quotes out of a recent comics-panel video featuring Dylan Horrocks, where as a then-DC Comics writer Horrocks was in on the writers' meeting where the death of the character Spoiler was discussed. He makes it sound really, really, really depressing.

* there aren't a whole lot of interviews being done with the cartoonist Dave Sim these days, which is too bad because Sim is one of comics' all-time best talkers.

* Nicole Rudick interviewed Paul Hornschemeier for The Paris Review Daily.

* a statue for Harvey Pekar is planned.

* finally, GOSH! Comics is moving to Soho, having outgrown its previous space and planning to hold more public events than had become possible at the old location. We wish them the best of luck in their move, and are jealous of the nearby locals.
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