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July 31, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Frank Young on Foolish Questions & Other Odd Observations: Early Comics 1909-1919.

* all supportive thoughts to Heather Antos, ragged on by feckless comics dorks who think there's some sort of legitimate gender argument to be had about the make-up of the comics industry and creative community that concludes there should be fewer women in comics. I'm not even sure if that kind of stupidity is measurable with existing tools. Clearly women have long been valuable to comics at all levels; clearly more women being hired to industry gigs is an awesome thing; clearly this took too long to start happening and should accelerate. To my eyes, it's just as clear that about 85 percent of the 40 best creators under 40 are women. No one should doubt these self-evident truths simply because some special soldiers out there feel someone has a job they deserve. Boo-hoo.

* finally: Jack Teagle's work looks great in Russian.
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