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August 1, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* another interesting process post here from Colleen Doran about restoring some older work. We always assume that certain comics are going to be around forever and be perpetually available in pristine copies, and the truth is that this is very difficult to achieve.

image* James Bacon on The Earthbound God.

* it seems astonishing to me that more than 20 years has passed since John Byrne had that run with the Namor character at Marvel. I think of that as one of Byrne's later projects.

* here's a literary journal that's accepting submission for a comics issue. It doesn't look like they pay anything, which would make me look elsewhere, although there's a long tradition of people using literary journals as a springboard to a specific kind of audience so I'll leave those issues up to you. I'm saying you should check, basically.

* here is a run of photos from the first iteration of The Projects, the Portland comics show with a non-commercial orientation that debuted last year.

* Sean Howe talks to Chris Claremont. Caleb Goellner talks to Vincent Iadevaia.

* it's beginning to feel super-odd to a lot of people I know that Stan Lee spends so much time at conventions.

* not comics: this Frank Stockton mini-gallery is fun.

* I don't know why I have a link to an eBay auction of someone selling over two hundred issues of Justice League Of America, but there you go. I liked some of those comics when I was a kid, the ones from the 1970s and the very first ones.

* not comics: some days I'm not sure there's a comics equivalent to cinephilia, and other days I think all of comics is like this.

* I haven't seen a whole lot of scans of Howard Chaykin originals, let alone indy-iconic images like this one.

* finally, here is a pair of deeply handsome comics magazines.
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