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August 1, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* there are two forthcoming workshops at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum that sound worth it if you're in that part of the country. I'd attend.

image* Todd Klein on Green Lantern #32. AH on Operation Margarine. Dominic Umile on Escapo. Mike Sterling on some comics.

* not comics, but also comics: Sonia Harris reminds that sexism in comics takes place against a backdrop of horrifying sexism throughout several of our cultures.

* someone at Off Life talks to Annie Koyama. Seo Kim profiles Graham Falk. Steve Morris talks to Adam Murphy.

* why Chris Sims is really, really careful about taking sketchwork for free. I like his answer.

* I like this Fantastic Four page. Marvel invested a lot of smart creative energy into the Fantastic Four property over the last 10 years -- it's hard to think of a trio of writers more in tune with the times over the period than Mark Millar/Jonathan Hickman/Matt Fraction, and a lot of the artists have been solid to good, too. The title has continued to struggle, at least in broad terms. I wonder if this isn't the first of the Marvel Silver Age properties that may be creatively spent, in a sense, that may just be disconnected from the modern audience as it exists now. That's probably nuts, but I still think about it.

* not comics: I don't know that I've seen this Mike Ploog Wizards drawing before.

* finally, Alternative Comics has available some of the recent Kevin Huizenga minis in addition their own books.
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