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August 2, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* International Read Comics In Public Day is August 28th, which is also Jack Kirby's birthday. I don't really see the point of stuff like that, partly because I read comics in public all the time without thinking "Hey, I'm reading comics in public." Certainly a lot of people think it's fun. It seems very Summer 2002, though. I'm just going to send $5 to John Porcellino instead. I love John Porcellino more than I'm enamored of the idea of normalizing comics reading, plus anything that helps the publication of the next issue of King-Cat seems to me a good thing.

image* Nick Jones on First, Goliath and Alan Moore: Storyteller. Rob Clough on a couple of CCS folks' comics. Don MacPherson on Wilson. Nicole Rudick on Gloriana. Brandon Soderberg on The Furry Trap.

* I completely missed this Kickstarter campaign despite a couple of CR readers sending me e-mails; I'm glad it was funded.

* really happy that someone has my back on a longtime you-can-shut-up-now point from every time I get to talk about comics that Love & Rockets Vol. 1 #28 is a great, great comic and a fantastic gateway into all things Los Bros. That's the one I always gave to friends that wanted to try the book. It has the Frida Kahlo short story and "Tear It Up, Terry Downe," which is just astonishing to think about, those two great stories just showing up on the racks one day. If they're going to offer all of L&R Vol. 1 issues issue-by-issue digitally, that one would make a fine freebie.

* speaking of L&R's digital plans, I wouldn't say no to a cheap e-book collecting all the ads and similar ephemera.

* totally missed this story of a longtime comics shop closing. I got that link from... Sean Kleefeld, maybe?

* Drawn and Quarterly always has such pleasant-looking interns. Like 80 percent of them are people that would bake something for you if your dog ran away. When I was at Fantagraphics in the 1990s, all our interns looked like cast members from Over The Edge.

* Martin Wong talks to Brecht Evens.

* should we be freaking out a little bit more that Dal Tokyo is basically out? It seems like that we should be freaking out about this a little bit. I used to dream about reading that work. Granted, I don't have much of a dream life, but Dal Tokyo is basically out.

* these are the funnybooks that changed the way Alan David Doane looked at funnybooks.

* finally, Brian Hibbs pays tribute to Bob Wayne.
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