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August 2, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Greg Hunter on Imagine Wanting Only This.

* a part-time professorship of illustration has opened up at SCAD.

* it seems to me that this kind of deep dive on individual cartoonists and their ability to work with the New Yorker on things like immediate on-line cartoons for a short period of time, that this is a slightly new thing, or something that is still coming into focus. If I have that right, it seems like a rich thing for the magazine to pursue.

* Ginnie Graham profiles Bruce Plante in an era where staffed editorial cartoonist positions are becoming a lot like a helicopter in terms of out-there newsroom offerings.

* over at PW, Calvin Reid reports on a graphic novel sellers for diverse readership panel at SDCC he moderated; sounds like an excellent one.

* finally, it would be swell if every art gallery show featured the artist making art.
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