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August 2, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Leonard Pierce on Running From the Devil. RC Harvey on The Goat Getters. Tegan O'Neil on A Projection. Rob Clough on Goda #1-2.

* it's still funniest when you think of Namor showing up for fistfights in a speedo. Namor's a great character, maybe the most underrated in superhero-comics history. All hail Bill Everett.

* feel better, Brigid Alverson!

* bundled extra: DC has canceled a planned Monster Society Of Evil deluxe volume for content issues, almost certainly dehumanizing portrayals of black and asian characters. I think it's tough to publish material like that as another entertainment product, for sure. It should be interesting if this will extend to work with the Spirit characters, or the crew from Blackhawk.

* finally: who wouldn't want to take classes from the great David Lasky.
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