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August 7, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Tegan O'Neil on Come Again. Robert Boyd on I, René Tardi, Prisoner Of War In Stalag IIB.

* something about this Moebius/Eisner mash-up makes me laugh. Everybody looks alarmed and miserable, even the flying thing.

* not certain how I found myself on Shawn Starr's old blog, but some of those commissioned art pieces in his last post are great-looking.

* not comics: I was a huge Stephen King kid like a lot of my nerds of my exact generation. Anecdotally, most of us started with Salem's Lot and seemed to have bailed after Cujo. The idea that there's a good version of The Stand to be put on film at a few hours or a few dozen hours strikes me as an interesting one, but I'm not sure it's possible or even desirable. It reminds me of the way certain people are convinced their favorite comic will make a great movie and it seems upon a second look there's very little that's uniquely film-able.

* here's a mini-profile of Dan Saad.

* Michael Cavna reviews Ralph Steadman's current DC retrospective.

* finally: aw, look at Frazetta and Bakshi.
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