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August 8, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Jerry Smith on On The Ropes. Cynthia Rose on PABLO.

* I don't see a lot of conservative cultural criticism, but here's a Jim Treacher-driven piece at Daily Caller.

* here's a crankier than usual Dan Nadel link round-up. I encourage Dan to hire someone to write about comics entities that owe people money, because you can do that when you're the TCJ editor. I'm not trying to win an argument on the Internet by pointing that out, I'd just like to see that article and I don't have the resources to do one right now.

* Nadel criticized this promotional essay by the writer Marc Bernardin for its use of the outdated and inaccurate description of Image as some sort of rare beast for offering creator-owned publishing when that's been a standard, widespread option since the undergrounds. Others might find that one worth the read for the implication that in the comic being discussed the lead character's race and gender were significant factors in a difficult road to publication, a notion Nadel also criticizes via a throwaway line in terms of potential historical weight.

* not comics: Fun Home will be Tonys-eligible.

* finally, it's not a high-priority show for this site there's no denying that New York Comic-Con is a big deal for a lot of that area's comics and pop-culture fans. It's amazing that we once wondered if a convention could work there at all.
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