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August 8, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Frank M. Young on Prisoner 155: Simon Radówitzky. Charles Hatfield on Sparring With Gil Kane. I think Charles is on to something when he notes the number of outdated intellectual frameworks in play.

* missed posting this twitter rant about companies -- in this case Image -- not doing all some folks feel they should be doing not to favor the writer in disputes about the rewards going to each person in such a team. I don't agree with every aspect of these arguments when they pop up -- I think it's possible for projects to have a primary and a secondary creator, for instance. I worked on such a comics project. That said, there's a definite favoring of writers over artists I think in part because the value of the creation is often transferable rights concerning concepts and narratives and those are often under the writer's control. Read your contracts and imagine the worst possibility and that's probably what you're in for. I wonder if this has gotten worse. I know there are still deals that favor writers, but at the same time it's hard me to imagine a repeat of, say, the coverage of the conclusion of Y The Last Man where it seemed to me no one wanted to talk about the artist's contributions at all. This kind of thing is also the reason I think Stan Lee's conception of comics is more ingrained than we think it is.

* it does make me think that all the standard contracts out there could use a fisking.

* I see people talking about this Grant Morrison pitch for some Green Lantern comics that takes the Space Cop thing more seriously, but it seems like really obvious stuff to me.

* finally: no idea why I bookmarked this, but I like what I see on a quick look. No idea where I got this older video footage of George Perez drawing Wonder Woman.
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