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August 13, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Frank Santoro is gearing up for another round of his correspondence course, to start in mid-September. If you were looking for a way to extend your SPX-related enthusiasm for the next several weeks, I imagine that would do it.

image* Rob Clough on some comics by Rob Jackson. Michael Cavna on The Property. Todd Klein on BPRD: Lake Of Fire and Drawn At A Venture. Andy Yates on Blood Root #1. Marykate Jasper on the first issue of Vertigo Quarterly: Magenta.

* a nice-seeming person named Ash H.G. sent along a link to their comic Juice at Matthew Southworth's request.

* not comics: I enjoyed reading this Sarah McIntyre defense of that Roald Dahl cover design a bunch of people seem to hate.

* Jeet Heer profiles Jack Kirby. Dan Berry talks to Jesse Jacobs. Claire Healy talks to Chris Ware. Robin McConnell talks to Brandon Graham, Frank Santoro and Michael DeForge.

* Jamie McKelvie on process.

* Little Orphan Annie was 90 years old last week, meaning the young lady at its center is likely 100 or so. That is one of the great popular achievements in comics from the 20th Century, and I think it's still criminally under-read and under-appreciated.

* finally, Ralph Steadman writing with ink like Ralph Steadman.
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