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August 13, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* like tens of thousands of other people, I enjoy the superhero quick studies the artist Chris Samnee posts to his Instagram. I really like Wildcat.

* not comics: here's a piece of the Mariah Stokes Dillard character from the first two seasons of the Luke Cage TV show. That is an interesting character in the context of most TV, definitely so in comics TV. I sort of enjoy that show despite its dire pacing and artificially convenient moment-to-moment stakes. Like most later-period Marvel film and TV, it helps to have such skilled actors playing those supporting parts.

* I paused a moment when I saw this to remember the late artist Joe Kubert, gone six years as of yesterday. I think he was the last of his kind -- I remember scrambling around to figure out who was representative of a certain old guard in mainstream comics with Kubert gone and it wasn't any one person but kind of a split between Adams and Lee.

* here's what one-time student Steve Lieber wrote upon Kubert's passing.

* finally, some fun art: Marshall Rogers convention drawings. That great Bizarro cover rough from Daniel Clowes. JR JR draws the X-men. An energetic Alex Schomburg cover process.
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