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August 15, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* congratulations to Brian Fies.

image* Elisa Shoenberger picks some of the best artists working right now. Frank Santoro was really high on Jonas Goonface back at a PIX I attended, and I've enjoyed his work to date. He's on there.

* I like about half of these supposedly greatest of the X-Men comics. None of them are that sophisticated, but a lot of them are fun. I like some of the 1960s stuff, too, and loved the Thomas/Adams sentinels issues, for instance.

* gross.

* bundled extra: the next Mark Millar ready-made TV show comic, with the very talented Rafael Albuquerque. Some other articles written from the PR pick up on a claim made within the press material that Millar's current title reached certain sales points without noting that they were manipulated to some degree. That has long been a part of the Mark Millar experience.

* Caitlin Rosberg talks to the creative team behind Crowded.

* not comics: in case you missed this news, Anne Ishii is the best. Any organization would be lucky to have her.

* finally, a by request extra: a cartooning paper for Columbus, Ohio.
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