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August 18, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* we'll be running the 2012 "Comics By Local Scene" list and instructions on how to help me update it for Labor Day re-release every day this week first thing. Sorry if it makes scrolling down a bit of a hassle and I hope you can contribute to that resource.

image* missed this fun Chris Schweizer post about the beginning of World War I.

* Leigh Alexander talks to Bryan Lee O'Malley. Heather Seggel talks to Ariel Schrag. Greg Hunter talks to Brian Evenson. Patrick A. Reed talks to Paul Pope. Kiel Phegley talks to Ed Brubaker. Some nice person at Politics & Prose talks to Gene Luen Yang. Nathan Reese talks to Ed Brubaker. Tyler Chin-Tanner talks to Farel Dalrymple. Michael Cavna talks to Teresa Roberts Logan.

* not comics: Jack Kirby beer. August 2017 is going to be fascinating.

* Kerry Winfrey on This One Summer. Tom Murphy on The Wrenchies. Rob McMonigal on Faction 1. Matt Derman on Fallen Angels #1-8. Colm Creamer on Seconds. Andy Oliver on Graveyard Orbit #1 and On The Trail Of Sandalwood Smugglers. Sean T. Collins on Alien Invasion III.

* look at these Capital City buttons. Those of you younger than 40 may not remember the major distributor they were for years and years. My hunch is that any element of comics history that invovles the 1980s can have that history told in button form.

* finally, I would have loved to have entered into the world of Usagi Yojimbo as a little-kid reader.
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