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August 20, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rob Clough on Tinderella. J. Caleb Mozzocco digs into the 32nd consecutive Mark Waid-written issue of Archie. I'm curious about that run myself.

* not comics: this Sean Collins piece on monumental horror images and film might have something to say to you about comics, I'm not certain. Comics isn't really good with jump scares because of the reader's ability to control timing and pacing, but it seems to me a lot comics have an indelible image of wrongness or two, particularly in the manga tradition.

* here are some images from a proposed Flaming Carrot/1960s Batman. I will always be fond of the way Bob Burden draws.

* I was asked by the author of this fundraiser to wait a few days before posting, and I'll do that, but if this event was close enough to your hart you don't need it contextualized by me, who am I to withhold information?

* it's harder for me to look at Tanino Liberatore's stand-alone image work now than it was when I was 13 and rubbing Mountain Dew on my gums first thing in the morning. There are definite issues right there with which one might engage. It sure looks vibrant, though, no matter the subject matter.

* finally: ten days until the Billy unloads some double-donations. It seems weird to some people that any organization would do that, but believe me when I say that storage costs are a very real thing for all of these institutions, and no one really needs more than one of anything.
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