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August 21, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Brian Nicholson on The Academic Hour. Todd Klein on a pair of sketchbook efforts. Jannon Callaway on Dark Nights: Metal #1. Robert Kirby on Greek Diary.

* go, work: Gosh London is accepting resumes until the end of the year.

* Todd Klein collects a bunch of photos of HG Peter in one place. I aspire to snapshot knowledge of the two dozen or so major superhero creators, but I'm not there yet.

* Sean Edgar talks to Christopher Golden. Steve Foxe talks to Aubrey Sitterson. John Siuntres talks to Pat Mills.

* a classic comics-culture article: what some cartoonists will miss about drawing a specific, now-gone political figure.

* finally, this is just terrifying-looking. Also, I'm not sure as an old-school Fantastic Four fan I like the power set extending into morphed creatures.
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