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August 22, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* if I jumped the gun to say that TCAF exhibitor applications were being accepted the first time I did so and this inconvenienced you, I apologize. They're certainly accepting them now. That's a great show and a positive one for most exhibitors to whom I spoke.

image* here's another pair of intriguing top ten lists: one from the cartoonist, free speech advocate and longtime industry fixture Larry Marder, another from the young critic Sean Witzke.

* Sean Phillips roughs a cover.

* Gili Warsett talks to Vanessa Davis.

* Christopher Irving examines the new P*S Magazine compilation book; Josh Kopin reaches into the longbox for a peek at Johnny Double; Rob Clough gets all poetic; Sean Gaffney motors back to Riverdale for The Best Of Archie Comics.

* I'm working on a theory that any comic with a recipe in it is 10 percent better than it would be without the recipe.

* Martin Wisse makes fun of that super-horrible Atlantic list of non-fiction comics "masterpieces" from several days back. It's galling that an author can admit to not including something for publication because they were afraid of Internet reprisals and not be automatically fired and/or laughed out of town. For the record, I've never received a single piece of e-mail like that and this site covers Sacco every chance it gets -- not that even 25 e-mails a day should stop anyone.

* a call for artists from a Japan 2011 earthquake-related relief project seems like the kind of thing that everyone knows about days and weeks and months before I hear word, but in case you haven't read anything about it yet, here you go.

* the writer and reviewer Chris Mautner recommends an old Gargoyle mini-series. That's a minor Marvel character, one of whose hooks is that he's a senior citizen and not all fighty like the young'uns. I like Gargoyle more now looking at him through the rear view window than I did when I was a kid.

* Andrew Weiss would like to suggest that Jack Kirby's Fourth World-era character Flippa Dippa was inspired by Bruce Jay Friedman's play Scuba Duba. This theory not only makes sense, it is the only entry in the area of Flippa Dippa studies of which I'm aware. (via Mike Sterling)

* one day someone's going to post an article like this that's totally a joke and I'll have linked to it as if it's not.

* finally, it's always a good day on the Comics Internet when Barry and Leon from Secret Acres post. Ditto when Frank Santoro posts in the middle of a road trip.
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