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August 23, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Greg Hunter on Ghosts, Etc..

* John Siuntres talks to Patty Farmer.

* not comics: a couple of cartoonist sent me an early version of what is going to be a flood of articles about people in their 20s now that we're shifting towards a new group. I found this hilariously unconvincing in its claim that this isn't a refined form of hipsterdom, as it seems to check off every point from those old articles (even Seinfeld!), but if that model continues, thats interesting, too. One thing we know about creative twenty-somethings of the last twenty years is they migrate from gig to gig, which I think we'll continue to see happen with store ownership and even creators.

* finally: this is deeply unfortunate and I hope ends in a lot of apologies, etc.
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