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August 23, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alex Hoffman on Yellow Light #1.

* the cutest thing about this generally cute Al Hirschfeld homage cover Steve Lieber did for The Fix Vol. 3 is how the artist answered the Nina question.

* this interview with David Simon made me realize how important it is for their to be multiple paths to take in an art form, multiple avenues for an artist to express themselves over the years, and that art isn't as interchangeable as someone would have us believe. I think this is doubly important as more and more groups of people begin to build audiences for what they have to offer.

* by request extra: Brendan Wright, for a while with Dark Horse and then an independent, is involved with this project to do comics about comics. I will always think of that name as the defunct Nadel/Hodler/Santoro web site, though.

* god bless Marsha Cooke. I'd say it's hard to believe anyone talking back to a widow about their late husband but actually that's quite easy to believe these days.

* not used to seeing a lot of photos of cartoonists of George Herriman's stature for the first time. Thank you, Michael Tisserand.

* finally: oh, won't you join me?
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