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August 24, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rob Clough on Black Hood: An Anthology Of Depression And Anxiety.

* Gina Wynbrandt would like you to rally around the current 2dcloud crowd-funder.

* Sean Kleefeld digs into Fantastic Four #352. Fantastic Four comics can be anything a creator wants it to be but in my perfect world the series is dependably fun, well-executed comic done by an elite professional with a fondness for the characters. Beyond that, anything goes.

* Chuck Dixon claims he'll soon be the most prolific comics writer of all time, moving past 40,000 pages. Dixon is certainly a prolific writer, but he doesn't feel like a legendarily prolific one. Not like I'm going to double-check the math here.

* finally, a reminder of the works created in book format by the great Richard Sala.
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