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August 26, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* this Jack Kirby page making the rounds is affecting and melancholy. It's from The Sandman #1.

* Scott Cederlund on The Wrenchies. Guy Thomas on The Ten-Cent Plague. James Kaplan on Meteor Men. Carla Hoffman on New Avengers. Rob Clough on a bunch of different mini-comics. Sean Gaffney on Dorohedoro Vol. 13.

* this Spider-Man comic looks really cute. Part of me think that these kinds of comics might be harder for a company like Marvel to do because they're always doing variations and restarts in their regular line. That's probably nonsense, though.

* here's a total treat: Fantagraphics is allowing The Comics Journal to republish the Jules Feiffer introduction from their edition of The Great Comic Book Heroes. Feiffer has a graphic novel coming out, so it works as PR, and that whole book and particularly Feiffer's writing -- it was originally a Playboy article -- is one of the seminal events in talking about comics as we understand that to be done now. Anyway, it's a fun read, the way that it's fun to read people grappling with ideas for basically the first time.

* Sean Kleefled compares and contrasts early strip pioneers RF Outcault and Winsor McCay.

* Chris Arrant talks to Jason Aaron. Chris Sims talks to Scott Snyder. Karen O'Brien talks to Tim Seeley.

* finally, what Meghan Turbitt draws on the subway.
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