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August 27, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* James Reith profiles Lisa Hanawalt. I think that's a really interesting comics. Lisa is a gifted comedic voice, and I get why people want to see that from her all the time, but if you liked the undercurrent of sadness in the last book of short comics I think you'll really like Coyote Doggirl.

* Robin McConnell on a bunch of different comics.

* this bookstore and proprietress history from Seattle gave me a start because it encompassed a significant 16 years, during which I was long gone from Seattle. Personality-infused retail is a great boon to community.

* good on occasional comics writer Kevin Smith for losing 50 pounds after a health scare. All continued health benefits to him.

* an award and an exhibit to the great Roz Chast, who deserves all of the awards and as many exhibits as she has art to supply them.

* finally: here's an update on the goings-on of satirist and publisher Paul Krassner, 50 years after the '68 Democratic Convention in Chicago.
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