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August 30, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* go, look: Chris Ware provides a poster for Private Life.

image* Sarah S. Davis talks to Ellen Forney. Leah Wald profiles Sara Steenland. Suzette Smith profiles Jenny Vu.

* I never like for anyone to feel threatened. It's a terrible feeling. I also deeply distrust false equivalencies and asserted, heroic narratives that excuse bad behavior, which is usually where something like this goes next. Wait for it, if it's not already in evidence.

* not the first time this joke has been told, but it's a solid one.

* Mike Luckovich feels exhausted by Trump. Well, that's the job.

* Rupert Hawksley looks back at the life and career of Naji al-Ali.

* finally: for no apparent reason at all, Chris Duffy wrote me and gave me this link to on-line samples of Eleanor Davis' cartoons for Psychology Today from a couple of years ago. I'm passing it along to you.
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