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September 1, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alexander Jones and AJ Frost on Generations: Wolverine And All-New Wolverine #1. Oliver Sava on Time And Wine.

* David Lumb talks to Cecil Castellucci. I think that's the best interview with her I've read. David Betancourt talks to Shawn Martinbrough. Robin McConnell talks to the great Jerry Moriarty.

* Brian Cronin explores some of the internal back-and-forth at Marvel over a pair of issues of the initial Frank Miller Daredevil run.

* what would have been Gene Colan's 91st birthday had folks posting this 2009 series of questions the mainstream comic-book icon took from fellow pros.

* Mark Peters writes about Zander Cannon's giant-monsters-in-prison Kaijumax to suggest it has something of value to say about race. I haven't caught up with article or comic to know, but one thing that's great about work like Cannon's that seems more idiosyncratic and focused on comics rather than a Netflix pitch straight-up is that they tend to open themselves up to a variety of readings.

* finally, Walter Simonson on discovering the genius of Jack Kirby.
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