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September 2, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* it's been a rough month for geek culture, but there is still hope in the world.

image* Andrew Yates talks to Malachi Ward. Mike Dawson talks to Caitlin McGurk and Jim Rugg. Mike Rhode talks to Brian Biggs. Katie Levine talks to Grant Morrison.

* about once a week an older thing on the Internet will gain enough traction that its link ends up in my bookmarks -- then I remember the article, or notice the date. That's the case with this letter from Bill Watterson giving advice to an aspiring creator, which I'm sure this site featured when it originally rolled out. Another one was the Kirby Alphabet that Roger Langridge did, revived on the late Jack Kirby's recent birthday.

* the all too infrequent writer about comics Robert Boyd does a lot of readers the massive favor of walking through the second Forming book from Jesse Moynihan and breaking down the characters.

image* Guy Thomas on Photobooth: A Biography. Tom Murphy on New Physics. Jordyn Marcellus on Shoplifter. Samax Amen on Savage Dragon.

* not comics: a bunch of folks have recommended this Devin Faraci article to me about the basis for much of the misogyny in evidence in gaming culture right now. It's not apologetic but it is sympathetic, and because of that probably runs a bit counter to the kind of argumentation we usually see these days, which is designed to win the moment and win it as thoroughly as possible. It's hard not to see the positions being taken by a lot of these young men as the latest permutation of a kind of self-pity that stretches across generations of nerds laced with an element of extreme entitlement that is used to specifically characterize under-30s to such an extent I don't even want to bring it up it's that big of a cliché. I'm not saying that's wholly accurate, because of course it isn't, but I'd think about explaining it to my Mom that way were she to ask.

* missed this: a brief history of sexualized images of men in superhero comic books. And no, it's not "all the time."

* finally, Jeff Smith is all wet.
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