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September 5, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Steve Foxe talks to Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer. Some nice person in The Canadian Press profiles Miriam Libicki. Jacob Brogan talks to Tom King.

* RJ Casey writes about Craig Yoe and Yoe Books, in a way that set off many little swirling on-line arguments in person (at least here in Columbus), on Facebook and in the article's own comments thread. As a hit job, I found Casey's piece pretty tame given the rhetoric of the moment, and as something worth discussing I feel there is definitely a point or several points to be made there. Yoe is in front of his books in nearly every way, is their connecting thread, and thus seems a fair target as well. Still, I thought it would go by without notice. Instead, the article set off various unfriendings, gleeful cacklings and 1990s-style fist-shaking at the Journal. The elements of tribalism to which comics isn't immune were on full display. It was darkly humorous to see some folks with the on-line equivalent of a straight face complain Casey was biased and making personal attacks while defending an admitted friend/object of admiration and making personal attacks on his behalf. The idea that anybody that wants to react to art should restrict themselves to a consumer's choice -- to buy or not buy the books -- is super-depressing in this late age. The best argument of Casey's, incidentally, is one Casey himself didn't make: it's to be found in the article comments about a specific book killed for the American marketplace by the appearance of a less well-made one at a similar price point.

* btw: if TCJ is going to run articles that anger and irritate people, I hope some of you that are into writing industry news pitch them, and pitch them soon.

* finally, I love articles where working actors declare they are indeed interested in high-profile roles. Shocker, every time. It's one of the great modern journalism mini-genres.
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