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September 6, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I was not aware of the Young Cartoonists Of The Year Competition being held over the pond, but apparently now they're accepting digital work -- well, physical copies of work done digitally. It's a start.

image* Richard Bruton on Left. Toim Bondurant on Forever Evil #1. J. Caleb Mozzocco on various comics. Andy Oliver on Tales From Scene City #3.

* I'm always happy for a cartoonist that receives a big book before it's officially release like Ed Piskor here... that has to be pretty satisfying.

* Alan Gardner talks to Jeff Parker -- the editorial cartoonist and strip cartoonist turned non-staffed editorial cartoonist and pretty much full-time strip cartoonist, not that other guy. TJ Dietsch talks to Matt Fraction. Jonah Weiland talks to Dave McKean.

* it's no surprise that I have a fondness for comic as memory totems.

* sometimes I think the only problem with editorial cartooning is the lack of widespread agreement that Matt Bors and Ruben Bolling are in the top five of its consistent practitioners. Bolling has broader aims, but it'd be amazing if one of the showpiece publications threw a chunk of money at him to do inventive cartoons on the news like this one.

* Peter Bagge covers Seattle Weekly.

* I was never a toy person, so I'm probably reading the image incorrectly, but I swear this looks like Ultraman has articulated abs. Speaking of the comic book event in which Ultraman is featured, teasing the death of a superhero is always weird to me. It's so unpleasant.

* I like how chipper this post is about something called Banned Books Week. I mean, I know, I know, but it's still funny to me. Speaking of the CBLDF, they have a post up promoting their book on manga.

* finally, Heidi MacDonald has commentary on last week's post and comments on the work of Jason Karns, and the subsequent posts from a number of corners.
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