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September 6, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Gil Roth talks to Patty Farmer.

* Dan Nadel writes about running RJ Casey's piece on Craig Yoe and Yoe Books. I never really cared much about doing Fanta's will when I worked in their building and I was 25 years old; I can't imagine two fully-grown New Yorkers give a shit, either. He's right in that the Bob Levin review of the great Patrick Rosenkranz's new book is way more damning -- and interesting! And even more personally motivated! Both those guys are heavyweights, too.

* not comics: this was a really weird movie. It worked pretty well, I think because it dug into the classic comic book's legacy of confronting Peter Parker with damaged father substitutes, and hinted that Aunt May, not Robbie Robertson, may be the figure Peter is looking for.

* here's Andrew White about time spent up at Comics Workbook with one of their Rowhouse Residencies. I don't quite all the way get it, but since I think of Santoro's set-up as a karate dojo, I figure White is the kind of visiting black belt they used to have com teach us when I was a kid and had karate lessons.

* Sheila Marika profiles the Instagram cartoons of Arianna Margulis.

* finally: encouragement to take part in a young cartoonist's contest over in the UK.
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