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September 9, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Johanna Draper Carlson on Knuckleheads. Jason Wilkins on Monstrosity Vol. 1. Jonah Lang on The Star Wars #1. Ricky Miller on Thor: God Of Thunder #12. Don MacPherson on Batman #23.1 and Molly Danger Vol. 1.

* not comics: an exciting list of mostly young journalists.

* Matt Bors scoring that gig at reminded me of this August article about above-the-url level journalists.

* that Batman comic by Josh Simmons is a fun source of stand-alone imagery.

* I have no idea how I ended up back here on Faith Erin Hicks' TCAF comic from... 2012? No matter the reason, it's an adorable comic and I was happy to encounter it again. There's so much comics-related stuff on the Internet now, and the posting of new material is split into a hundred different sites and processes now that I seem to have a lot more old stuff come across my virtual desk now.

* this portrait of the Columbia Records 1978 recording stars, by Tom Palmer, is lovely and hilarious.

* you can download songs to go along with Iron Bound here.

* finally, one reason I was never a good mainstream comics fan (of a certain kind) is that I'd look at a picture like this really cool-looking one and feel bad that we somehow caught Wonder Woman when she wasn't turned around to look at us more properly.
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