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June 17, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alex Dueben talks to Gabrielle Bell.

* it is a StoryBundle world, and we are only deciding how much money to pay towards it.

* Robert Boyd agrees with me that seeing Joe Sacco's World War I mural on a wall would be an amazing thing. Lucky French subway-goers.

* Joe Gordon on Preacher Vol. 1. Joshuaon on The Amateurs.

* Bully doesn't care for The Flag.

* add Chad Nevett to the list of people that have worked their way through the entirety of Cerebus and have written about that specific experience for a major on-line comics resource. A couple of the points made I found completely unconvincing, but I'm not engaged enough with Cerebus at this point in my life to really have a strong opinion either way, let alone fully articulate a point of view.

* that is one '80s-looking comics sequence. If I had a million years to read comics, one thing I might be interested in doing is seeing if there was an '80s element to the Superman character before he was rebooted the way there were discernible reflections of the previous decade in that character.

* I will never fully understand the specifics of the costume impulse that leads people to want to tramp around a comics shows dressed that way, but that one on the left is pretty impressive.

* finally, Hannah Means-Shannon goes to the 3-D comics performance at the Comic Book Theater Festival and writes a report.
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