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September 21, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Brian Brown says he is trying to put together the must-buy list for the upcoming Small Press Expo. Won't you join him?

image* for all you process fans out there, or just fans of Richard Sala like I am, there's a great post at his site about his process for interiors on Delphine that people keep e-mailing me.

* the great Gaston Dominguez-Letelier of Meltdown talks about selling manga at his store in conjunction with a $1 manga sale that he freely admits is partly a result of some bad buying decisions.

* longtime industry veteran Scott Edelman celebrated what would have been Steve Gerber's 62nd birthday by reprinting the Marvel Comics memo that pretty much said, "This Howard the Duck comic book? Sort of a hit."

image* the cartoonist Jeff Smith walks through his various under-one-cover Bone covers, including the one at the left that I've always liked. Smith has a great conversational tone when it comes to such presentations and you get to hear about the book's history through the covers.

* David Wynne writes a million words on Zenith; Patrick Meaney talks a million more on The Invisibles to CBR.

* the critic Graeme McMillan looks at the transition between that last extended run of Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Terry Austin and Glynis Wein on Uncanny X-Men and the not-great comics that came after. I always just imagined it was the loss of Byrne's instincts as a co-plotter, which seemed to me pretty strong at that time, but who knows?

* I haven't read it yet, but I'm glad to see a long review of the two-issue Jaime Hernandez superhero feature in the last two Love & Rockets. Those pages are really casual and beautiful in the way you want to yell at people on the bus to recognize this fact.

* not comics: I have either no idea or the roughest of rough ones what this thing is or what game it's for or why they give away stuff like this to attend business meetings and I'd probably throw it away in two months but me still wanty.

* always fun to see a Drew Friedman.

* the writer Kevin Church notes that this is the kind of cartoon that can come back to haunt you when all of your clients go out of business a few years from now, but it's hard to throw that rock when he's already made many lifetime's worth of cash. Maybe it's better to criticize it just because it's ungenerous and mean?

* finally, Jamie Coville recommends this article about a comic shop moving and expanding, with the caveat that there is another comic shop in the town in question, and the store that closed down was called Cosmic Comics.
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