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September 24, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Matt Seneca on Poochytown. Man, I thought that was a great book.

* missed it: Ronald Wimberly on CNN from a couples of weeks back talking about that awful Serena Williams cartoon.

* Dalton Webb is right: this does look like a 1980s sitcom. I'd watch the shit out of that show.

* not comics: off to Dead Horse Bay with Julia Wertz, caught on audio.

* not comics: don't know how I stumbled onto this article because I don't seek out this kind of thing, but I think I agree with its general thrust -- or at least as much as I picked up on a single, quick read. There's a lot of frustration for people that comes with being set up to pursue dumbass goals, and there's hardly any mention of the public good, period. When financial goals become abstracted, the realities of what to buy and when and how can be manipulate to make your life less meaningful and pleasurable. I think cartoonists know about this a little more than other people because of the scale inherent to our profession. It can be a good life, the comics life, despite its hardships.

* man, look at all those Richard Sala drawings.

* finally: Nicholas Dekker profiles Bryan Christopher Moss.
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