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September 25, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Brian Hibbs walks his readers through ordering one of those variant cover initiatives that is paired with sales goals. It's very enlightening.

* festivals extra: I agree with this writer that it's a relief to go to comics shows that are about comics as opposed to every single flourish of pop culture, although it's worth noting that Comic-Con International always had a broad mandate, with pop-culture guests from other media since their beginning.

* Steve Heller goes deep on How To Read Nancy.

* Julia Wertz has conversations with her mother on The New Yorker.

* epic Village Voice rant by Derf. He's correct in that there was a point that the Voice was vital enough to be talked about constantly especially by culture-heads, and that this had nothing to do with design. He's also right in that they fired Feiffer for money concerns and had a comics issue when they had no comics, although I barely remember the cheekiness of that second one.

* finally, go look: Carson McNamara.
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