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September 26, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* what struck me reading this post on creator credits in Marvel movies is that the Marvel executive interviewed seems to think using someone's ideas fully is equivalent in many ways to giving credit. "We really used their ideas, thus we have shown respect to that creator." I think of sort of get where he's going there, but it's still weird. It's distressing that credit can't be afforded those to whom it's due in a more straight-forward, respectful way. What's additionally odd is that to extol the virtues of these creators would seem to have the potential to drive people to more consumption of Marvel product. No, it's not 1.5 billion dollars in movie tickets, but I know I've bought Disney-related material presented to me via the idea of the Nine Old Men; I don't know why Marvel Bullpen isn't a similar organizing principle for that company.

image* Paul Grist profiled and interviewed. Noah Berlatsky profiles Thomas Nast.

* Sean Kleefeld reads webcomics on his kindle. That just sounds like a weird insult, doesn't it?

* Greg McElhatton on Rutabaga: Adventure Chef Chapter One-Three. Jacob Canfield on Tank Girl. Kinukitty on Maus. Jason Overby on Berlin. Christopher Allen on Swamp Thing #0. Sean Gaffney on GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class Vol. 4. Grant Goggans on Aquila: Blood of the Iceni.

* that's a hell of a headline.

* what a great self-portrait from Laura Park.

* the secret origin of Brett Warnock.

* KC Carlson muses on Spider-Man. It seems like there's been a curious dearth of think pieces on Spider-Man on the occasion of his 50th anniversary, given how popular that character is and how important he's been in the history of mainstream comics publishing. I'm probably not seeing everything that's out there, though.

* finally, I had no idea. Gross. Why would you do that?
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