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September 29, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the artist Skottie Young argues that kids love comics, that there are comics out there for kids, and that there's a disconnect between this desire and parents being able to find comics and get them to the kids. I think that's generally true. In fact, I think most adults like comics as well, but they have a different disconnect when it comes to buying and enjoying them.

* Tom Mason profiles Leslie Turner.

* Chuck O'Donnell profiles Dean Haspiel.

image* my suspicion is that most papers are going to make this decision internally or wait to run their "what replaces Cathy?" contests until they can get a free few weeks of content from the syndicates hoping to make that sale, but my local paper, the Silver City Sun-News, ran their contest the old-school way: on a separate page, in enough time they could move right into the new strip offering without an interruption in service. For what it's worth -- and this is a smaller paper, with a single page of strips and features -- Pearls Before Swine won handily, followed closely by Baby Blues. In his editorial on the matter, Jim Lawitz claims that additional contestants Luann, Pooch Cafe, Stone Soup and the brand-new Thata Baby "barely moved the needle." The nice thing is that because of the strong response, the paper is finding a place for Baby Blues as well. It's worth noting that one thing that's changed in the last 15 years is that papers have an array of reasonably successful strips to choose from when one goes down, it's no longer a matter of only adding new features.

* this discussion of Bob Harras and the clone saga at prominent blogger Ta-Nehisi Coates' Atlantic site quickly moves into a discussion of what drove various former mainstream comics readers out of mainstream comics reading. It's fascinating.

* speaking of the clone saga, does anyone else think it's funny that it's thematically appropriate, poor, put-upon Spider-Man that seems to get saddled with the dopiest mega-plots. I've been reading comics since 1973 and I didn't understand one word of that quote from Quesada.

* Steve Duin profiles that comics night at the Portland Opera.

* a black hole of sadness may open up in Los Angeles this Saturday.

* here's some pages that Evan Dorkin drew back in the 1980s.

* not comics: this site's photographer and my brother Whit Spurgeon is in this forthcoming horror short. That's him on the far left in still #4.

* finally, Andrew Wheeler talks about the lack of prominent Asian characters in mainstream superhero comic books.
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