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October 1, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Betsy Gomez takes a look at frequently challenged and disputed comics as part of CBLDF's Banned Books focus.

image* Robin McConnell talks to Joseph Lambert. Michael Dooley continues to talk to Roger Langridge; they always do a good job with art. Patrick Smith talks to Ed Piskor.

* congratulations to the Sidebar folks on their 200th episode. And congratulations to Nate Powell on his 20th year publishing comics.

* here are some photos of Los Bros Hernandez taping a show with the Alt-Latino program at NPR. Long live Los Bros.

* Scott Allie would like to talk to you about storytelling.

* not comics: the writer Mark Millar will consult on the Marvel Comics-related properties whose film (and I'm guessing some television) rights are owned by Fox. We live in a weird enough world right now that this is the kind of story that gets processed just as much as a PR/branding "get" for Millar as it does for any possible impact it might have on the popular art with which it's concerned.

* noting the passing of James Kochalka's father.

* Patrick Smith on The End Of The Fucking World #1-11.

* not comics: a rare, not-terrible list of films adapted from comics that aren't superhero comics. One reason it's pretty good is that it remembers there are comics done outside of North America.

* finally, D+Q in NYC.
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