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October 4, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I had no idea there was a Tumblr devoted to the forthcoming Matt Fraction/Howard Chaykin collaboration set in the early days of television. That should be pretty interesting.

image* I keep forgetting to do a "go, look" link to the Andi Watson drawing tumblr "Gallimaufry Of Girls," so I'm just going to go ahead and take care of it here.

* totally missed this Caitlin Hu review of one of the books in the Aya series. I disagree with it, but I like how it comes at the work knives out.

* I also totally missed this good news from Whitney Matheson.

* Andrew Kunka on Grant Morrison. Rob Clough on various comics from Records Records Records. Andrew Shuping on Scott Pilgrim Color Edition. Greg McElhatton on Talon #0. Don MacPherson on Happy! #1. John Kane on various comics. Consuela Francis on Watchmen.

* it's not so much that a comics fan wished cancer on somebody that made a comic book they didn't like, it's the casual admission of such that amuses. "Oh, yeah. That was totally me at one point. Stupid Batman plot twist for us? Cancer for you. Harsh? Maybe. But that's how I do things."

* I always wanted someone to open up a comics shop based on the co-op model. I don't even know what that would mean, I just sort of liked the idea.

* Sara Zarr talks to Gene Yang.

* I don't know if everybody can see this, but what a great profile-picture from Gabrielle Bell.

* finally, that superior link-blogger Kevin Melrose notes that DC's bad-guys promotional program linked to Halloween is kind of weird, in part because the villains are portrayed in the comics in ways wildly inappropriate for a lot of children to process.
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