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October 9, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Sean T. Collins reminds that video of programming from this year's super-fine SPX is beginning to pop up on-line.

image* Rob Clough on Journalism and Squirrel Mother. Gavin Jasper on JLA Vs. Predators. Dan Morrill on James Bond Omnibus Vol. 004. Greg McElhatton on Secret Of The Stone Frog, A Fine And Private Place #1 and Polterguys Vol. 1. Noah Berlatsky on NANA Vol. 22. Christopher Allen on Avengers Vs. X-Men #12. Sean Gaffney on Skip Beat! Vol. 29. Grant Goggans on Al Jaffee's MAD Life. J. Caleb Mozzocco on four comics that don't really generate full-review responses on his part.

* "Movie profits go to movies. Comic profits go to comics." That's interesting, because you'd think that while of course the money is accounted for differently there would be more of a general impact in terms of seeing the movie profits as somehow based on what the comics do. But maybe not; things certainly haven't operated as if that's a factor in any way.

* which super-villain lives here again?

* Sean Kleefeld asks out loud if it's really that hard to understand webcomics, springboarding from a Stephan Pastis interview. I'm not sure that Pastis' qualms are really "I don't really know how this works" based as much as they're "I'm really distrustful of what people say" based, and I have some sympathy for that particular position. Kleefeld's right in that a useful way to look at it if you're a working pro in print is to just recognize that there are different models for revenue now, as there is in the case of all forms of media.

* Mark Kardwell talks to Glyn Dillon.

* not comics: Jen Vaughn and Alex Kim win citations in a children's book illustration category at a book awards.

* Bob Temuka writes on the recent end of the Nikolai Dante serial.

* finally, I'm not sure how the wikipedia entry for comics that were never published ended up in my bookmarks folder, but it's always a fun read.
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