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October 23, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* behold the powerful handsomeness of the Louis Riel test cartoons.

image * totally missed this two-part Richard Baez piece called "Lowlife."

* Zachary Clemente talks to Colleen AF Venable.

* I love the idea of a column devoted to superhero fight scenes, I just sort of wish the two with which I'm familiar in this installment didn't strike me as super-lame upon my own reading of them.

* I'll say it again: love this Tarzan mailbox.

* love for Stevie Weissman's kids comics.

* I've been sent this call for submissions multiple times. It looks like they pay, if only a tiny amount as more a formality than an actual payment to secure value, but that's something, I guess.

* the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum presents cartoons made by Derf 30 years ago.

* Emily Villano on Anything That Loves. Henry Chamberlain on Pretty Deadly #1. Charles Hatfield on Battling Boy. Robert Clough on Black Eye 2.

* Brandon Graham, lettering critic.

* twitter is a powerful communicative tool that brings us all together.

* finally, it usually takes a random encounter with some slightly off-model work to remind me that one of the reason that the Batman character is so popular is because there are multiple entry points that work, and no matter how they develop seem to continue to work.
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