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October 10, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* nice get at TCJ to score a chunk of Sean Howe's just-dropped Marvel Comics history. Hard to imagine better time spent on a coffee break.

image* that person whose name I can't remember on The Art Of Denis McLoughlin. Jeet Heer on Building Stories.

* I tend to be a bit baffled by NYCC, but there are plenty of comics creators there that people like. If you're attending and you like comics and comics creators, I would assume you can track down individual comics-makers through their web presences and see what they're up to. Like here's Kieron Gillen. You could go see Kieron. That sounds like fun. One good resource is this one from the always-excellent Gary Tyrrell, where he spotlights the webcomics presence at a show like this one.

* not comics: semi-directionless media enterprises with giant staffs and blandly inoffensive brand identities appear to be doing relatively poorly in a market that values the exact opposite of these things. Go figure. As always, CR is on sale for about the price of three really good roast beef sandwiches.

* Alex Hern talks to Chris Ware. Yeugenia Kleiner profiles Seth. Xavier Guilbert talks to Anton Kannemeyer. Banci Wright talks to Dane Martin. Chris Mautner talks to Chris Ware.

* finally, Josh Kopin explores lettering.
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