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October 10, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell guest on The Blog to talk about the process of making March.

image* Richard Bruton on Holding Patterns. Milo Kotis on Boxers And Saints. Greg McElhatton on Astro City #5. Dominic Umile on Iron Bound.

* Frank Cammuso is just giving it away.

* improvements to the San Diego Convention Center -- home to Comic-Con International -- which would allow for more people to attend are facing some opposition by members of the California Coastal Commission.

* not comics: John Lewis is a badass.

* Joseph Remnant draws Harvey Pekar.

* the GCD profiles Mike Catron. Jonah Weiland talks to Reed Waller. Albert Ching talks to Michael Kantor and Lawrence Maslon. I have to say, I'm always a little dubious when people conflate superheroes and comic books.

* so I guess Stars And Stripes is no longer carrying Beetle Bailey. Space considerations. I have to imagine that Walker was providing it to Stars and Stripes for free, and if that were true, it's really just a space issue as the publication cut pages due to budget cuts. Why Beetle Bailey wouldn't be the last feature cut from Stars And Stripes, I couldn't tell you.

* finally, here is Lin Carter's comic book-oriented update on Gilbert & Sullivan.
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