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October 11, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* there's a nice post up from Caitlin McGurk at the Billy Ireland Library about their recent hard-hat tour of the new facility as it rounds into shape. That's going to be a crown jewel for comics in terms of comics-related places, and I have to imagine it's a thrill for those involved to see it begin to take its final form.

image* Kieron Gillen talks to David Hine and Shaky Kane. Gil Dominguez-Letelier talks to Caleb Monroe. Kiel Phegley talks to Hope Larson.

* Brian Hibbs castigates the comics reporting community on not nailing down whatever it is that IDW is doing with Dave Sim's High Society -- which looks like the DVD version of the new digital copy. Yeah, we deserve that one.

* David Brothers on Newsarama failing to mention a project's co-creator and artist as it goes to film production. That's very unfortunate when that happens, and the site deserves criticism -- we should all know to do that at this point.

* on racial stereotypes in the Blacksad series.

* J. Caleb Mozzocco continues his comparison of DC's current treatment of its characters with a stand-alone treatment of same a couple of years ago.

* Sean Kleefeld is inspired by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's The Thing. The overachiever aspect of that character is a nice spin by some of the later writers that's helped extend that character's popularity. Great character, The Thing. I wasn't surprised the Fantastic Four movies were pretty bad, because it's hard to shoehorn what was good about those comics into a high-concept summer film framework, but they could have done a much better job presenting one of Marvel's five best and three most appealing characters.

* Doug Zawisza on Uncanny Avengers #1. Rob Clough on Tune Vol. 1. Greg McElhatton on A Fine And Private Place #1 and The Red Diary/The Re[a]d Diary.

* one of the treats of the comics blogosphere's first real decade is back after a hiatus: Sean T. Collins' "Carnival Of Souls."

* finally: why a dog can't be president.
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