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October 12, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this long post from Jessica Abel about moving with her family to France would be my choice for settle-in/coffee break reading of the day.

image* Shannon Smith reviews a bunch of Batman comics from the 1990s. I sat next to a guy on the airplane San Diego to Vegas last summer reading a bunch of those; they're really bizarre-looking, just fundamentally weird to see on the page. Johanna Draper Carlson on 20th Century Boys Vols. 21-22. One of the Mindless Ones and a whole lot of commenters on Action Comics #9.

* here's some of that Jack Kirby art from the Argo movie story.

* not comics: did you know that longtime comics industry veteran turned more general arts writer (with a focus on Houston) plus whatever day job he has (I think he has a day job) is putting on his own arts fair? That will be pretty neat, I bet.

* here's a lengthy round-up style post about Irish comics.

* the Graphics Classics catalog contains a couple of free stories for your PDF-downloadable pleasure.

* Matt Wuerker on the role of cartoonists during the election season. I'm not sure I agree with a whole lot of that, but Wuerker would have a better perspective on it than I do.

* look at this fine Marvel Comics stationery.

* Louie Robinson on Morrie Turner (in 1973).

* someone named Jessi Reid is the new PR and Marketing Manger at some place called Studio 407; I don't have any links, because no links were sent.

* you can download a Jen Sorensen poster of a political nature here.

* finally, here's a small picture gallery of folks reading the Mighty Mouse 3D comic book.
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